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The CD is available.
First you fill in the form. An email by PayPal alerts you to log in or sign up, and make a payment using a PayPal balance, bank transfer, or credit card. After your payment we get an email from PayPal notifying this payment, then we send you the CD by post as soon as possible.
The price per Compact Disc : 15€ (shipping included).

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Formats —

The files are available in the native CD-format which is AIFF.
Follow this link if you want to know more about
converting the CD to formats appropriate to media-players and mobiles.

CD by Paola Chatelle

Try before you buy!

Feel and taste the music on the CD.
There's 30 seconds of music of every track.

#1 Intermezzo pour harpe chromatique - Henry Février Checkout ⇒ Listen 30 seconds



#2 Impromptu sur des airs japonais - Henri Busser Checkout ⇒ Listen 30 seconds



#3 Caprice - Jean Risler Checkout ⇒ Listen 30 seconds



#4 Fantaisie-Caprice - Luigi Maurizio Tedeschi Checkout ⇒ Listen 30 seconds



#5 Improvisation - August De Boeck Checkout ⇒ Listen 30 seconds