A brief history of Pleyel

In 1894 Gustave Lyon of "Pleyel, Wolff & Cie" in Paris (famous piano manufacturer) was encouraged by composers and conductors to build the harp without pedals.
In this section the Pleyel harp and his history will be highlighted.

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Contact me

In need of specific questions about the cross-strung harp? Email me at: paola.chatelle@gmail.com

To order my record simply fill in the form by clicking the following link … to order my Compact Disk.


Accompanying music on the pedal harp
(wedding, funeral,…).
Accompagnement musicale pour cérémonies
(mariages, funérailles,…).
Ceremoniële muziek op de pedaalharp
(huwelijken, uitvaartmissen,…).

Contact me.

Paola in concert

Who am I ?

I played numerous concerts in Belgium and abroad (the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland), playing the chromatic harp and the pedal harp.
I keep it short in the belief the music has to speak for itself.

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My record.

For my record I played on the chromatic harp 5 pieces by Février, Busser, Risler, Tedeschi and De Boeck.
In this section you can listen to excerpts and order this CD as well.

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My movies.

I made a few movies with examples of playing the chromatic harp.
Later on I plan to extend this section into a sort of forum or blog where subscribing members can discuss about the harp and post comments. In combination with the tutorials it promises interesting material.

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This section is still under construction, though you can taste already what I try to achieve. We are still experimenting with the right visual language, but the examples will always be very visual, as you sit in front of the harp and I show you the different triads and chromatic scales. For those playing the harp this part will grow in importance because the examples will be extended if there is substantial response from “the audience”.

So right now we keep it simple with a few examples, the rest of it will follow.

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Paola Chatelle & harp